Design Team


Our team draws upon the talents and experience of renowned Danish designers Jeanette and Claus Thottrup, whose outstanding design of luxury yacht Satori was received with universal acclaim upon its launch at the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona for its quality and unprecedented sense of space and privacy. 

Jeanette Thottrup

Jeanette's extraordinary eye and sensitive aesthetic saw her transition from a successful career as a fashion designer to interior design. She worked in tandem with Claus Thottrup at PN Homes in London, designing cutting-edge contemporary spaces and rethinking the interiors of heritage properties, before expanding her scope to Tuscany and masterminding the acclaimed restoration of Borgo Santo Pietro from dilapidated hamlet to award-winning boutique hotel estate. She also designed the interiors for Michelin-starred restaurant La Bottega del Buon Caffè and continues to design interiors for private and commercial properties in Europe.

Jeanette's signature holistic approach creates micro-ambiences with different prevailing energies. Whether uplifting, grounding, deeply relaxing or enveloping, each micro-ambience connects to the surrounding environment in a specific way, creating welcoming spaces that feel distinctly 'lived in'.

Claus Thottrup

Claus's virtuoso use of space and innovative structural and engineering solutions are born of more than 36 years' experience in the building industry, leading to his success as the owner of luxury design and construction company PN Homes. His hands-on knowledge of space planning and mechanical engineering provide a sound base for out-of-the-box designs for luxury private residences and boutique hotels throughout Europe and the UK, including such features as outdoor spaces, mood lighting, gardens, saunas and pools.

Claus's pioneering approach to creativity and penetrating ability to understand clients' dreams and make it happen has garnered PN Homes a reputation for excellence in its field.


At Big Blue Yachting we work internally and externally with naval architects and engineers to ensure that each detail of the design meets international standards.


We have a comprehensive team of artisans available, including woodworkers, stonemasons, metalsmiths, artists, sculptors, cabinetmakers, leatherworkers, textile makers and ceramicists, who lend their passion and expertise to creating beautiful finishes and showpiece features.