Planning & Building

As designers, builders and proprietors of five-star hospitality and luxury private properties, planning starts at a different level of understanding at Big Blue Yachting.

Decades of established experience have given us knowledge and insight into the various needs required by our clients, whether they're looking to build a private family yacht, live the lifestyle of a floating boutique hotel, explore tiny coves along the coast in a nimble craft or considering an Atlantic crossing.

We sit down with our clients and discuss how to turn desires and ideas into practical reality with creativity, innovation and transparency.

At Big Blue Yachting we offer two different approaches:

  • Design and build, working with in-house naval architects, engineers and specialists;

  • Construction only, in collaboration with a naval design studio or naval architect of the client's choice.

Clients can choose from a traditional wood hull with a modern lamination finish or a hull made from steel or aluminium, according to their personal preferences. By using the latest technology, which reinforces the strength and lightness of the overall structure, we also lower maintenance costs.